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Aromatherapy for physical and mental well-being.

Fragrance Oils

west coast pure essential diffuser oil



Pure Oils from the heart of nature. Finely crafted essential oils collected from around the world. Available in a variety of scents as well as our custom hand blended  creations.

Essential Oils


west coast pure essential diffuser oil


Essential Oil


Hand Crafted bracelets. Unique combinations containing a variety of beads including Gemstone , Wood beads and charms. Combined with porous lava beads that are just waiting for for a drop of your favorite essential oil.

Diffusing Bracelets

Blended Resins

west coast pure essential diffuser oil

Incense Resins

These superb aromatic resins are produced naturally by trees and plants. With aroma's that are soothing and mind relaxing. 

Raw Resins

A Natural way of thinking...

Essential oils have a healing effect mentally, physically and emotionally.  West Coast Pure was envisioned when my knowledge of essential oils grew and the benefits that they can provide was understood.  I saw the potential in providing people with a natural option for many ailments as well as creating natural products without chemicals.  Essential Oils are beneficial in health and wellness and can be used in many applications instead of medication. 


Holly enjoys helping people live more naturally. Raised on Vancouver Island where natural living is embraced and encouraged, Holly wanted her family to live with more natural options available to assist with headaches, sleeplessness, aches and pains.  She wanted the benefits of natural products to become a standard in her household.


Keeping the initial vision of West Coast Pure, Holly hopes to help others heal their ailments naturally and try to find alternatives to everyday products without chemicals. West Coast Pure prides themselves on their health and wellness recipes.  If there is not an option for an ailment in which you are looking for, Holly will research and develop a custom product on request if an natural option is available.   If you have had a positive experience using West Coast Pure's Products please send an e-mail letting us know how our products have helped or leave us feedback on our facebook page.  It is always great to hear how our products have been able to make lives better.

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