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How to use:

Roll onto the skin as per needed. Our Roll ons use between 2-5% essential oil dependent on blend. Essential oils are added to a Coconut carrier oil to facilitate the application directly to the skin. 

Before using a new essential oil:

Skin test it.  Apply a small amount of the blend to the skin on your inner arm. If redness or irritation develops, discontinue use  

Pregnancy and Essential Oil Safety:

Consult a professional before using any essential oil while pregnant. Pregnant women should avoid some oils completely.

Internal Use:

Use essential oils internally only with professional guidance. Not all essential oils are safe for internal use, and you must know for sure that you are using a genuine, authentic essential oil. Internal use of adulterated oils may be dangerous.

Buy Quality Essential Oils:

Don't buy perfume or fragrance oils if you want the benefits of essential oils. Also,  carefully select where you purchase your essential oils. The quality of essential oils varies widely from company to company, and some companies try to pass off adulterated oils as genuine. 

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